Monday, May 02, 2005

80's Dance Night at the Cradle!

Hey y'all! Saturday was WXYC's 80's Dance Night at the Cat's Cradle. And other than mistiming our entry into line, such that we lost the rest of the hashers out of boredom (then Richard too!), and that most of the kids there coulda been half my age, we had a absolute blast. I really don't think the kids that were there seeing this as a fun novelty retro thing get this at the same level as those of us who had the 80's as our formative teenage / college years. Costume wise, no Seychelles flags this year, but (my personal) most original costume prize went to two guys who had white jumpsuits and helmets strung with lightning wire so they looked like Tron. So, Susie, Bill and me had a great time, dancing in the 500ish cozy crowd, singing and screaming songs that we knew from heart from the first time they were out. We left at midnight, hoarse, sweaty, ears ringing and very happy.


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