Sunday, December 26, 2004


4 days and counting until the wedding!!!

I'm completely excited about Susie, and being married, and our lives together.

I'm focused and productive about what all needs to be done between now and then. You should see the color-coded, multi-dimensional day-oriented to-do list we've put together!! :-)

I'm completely overwhelmed by the number of people in my house right now. Completely. Susie's Sis and fam (sis, bro-in-law, bro-in-law's mom, and their 3 sons) are here now, hanging out until the wedding, and it's freaking me out having this many people around. Not specifically them, as I'd be this freaked if there were 6 of my relatives here and I had this much to do. And dear Susie, bless her heart, is in there checking the weather and trying to find them a place to stay in DC so they can go be touristy there and not be underfoot. God, I love her. Really, really. :-)

I think I'm going to go read HP5 to Bon, and go to bed myself, and get up at 5 and start scanning.

Married life with Susie is going to be such a blast. I'm soooo looking forward to it all. It's going to be a kick to share life with someone who I can work anything, absolutely anything out with. Bring it on.... just get me to the wedding service.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Emptyish house....

Wow.... we moved Joe out over the weekend. The amount of stuff that guy has is really amazing. The fact that it all fit in 2 rooms at home, and that it completely filled his new apartment is even more so. I can now see more floor in both those rooms that at any point since he moved in. I'm going to miss having him around, but I'm not going to miss the sheer volume of stuff.

Monday, December 13, 2004


Bon did the Landmark Forum for Young People this weekend. Cool stuff. Very cool.


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Fish heads, fish heads, rolly-polly fish heads...

I took a fish head out to see a movie... didn't have to pay to get it in.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Another day closer...

Another fun, productive day nearly gone...

The zope / plone intra/extranet site at work has been surprisingly well received. :-) Now all I have to do is keep plugging away and get our ideal security model (world/hosp/group) implemented. I've kinda been looking for a good excuse to learn python. :-)

Lots more cool stuff afoot at work as we're figuring out how to work without a direct, involved manager. So far, things are going smoothly. The systems we depend on for structure and task management are holding up nicely and doing exactly what they're supposed to. (Whew.)

I think most of my evening went towards drilling for B's spelling test tomorrow. And then I found the unstarted superstar math homework at bedtime. Late bedtime as we finished that. I love her to death, but she drives me just an eensy bit batty at times.

One of the rings is here, I just need to run down to the Fedex office and pick it up. Why didn't I have it sent to work??

Susie started amazingly on it this morning, and my stubbornness to not let her hang up and go back to bed was really appreciated. I was being a stand for her getting her work done. I wasn't able to coach her out of it, but I did get her going enough to, well..., get her going for the day. Small victories. :-)

Exactly 4 weeks until the wedding. Yay! Gasp! Eeep! It seems like an eternity, and yet waaay to close at the same time. So much to do.... and it's all fun.

Goodnight, world.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

No, wait... now!

So, a few months ago I created this and haven't written anything, waiting for the perfect reason to start. I just figured out that perfect reason is not out in the world, it's in my head. This thing's here waiting for me to write in it when I will. So, here I am, comitted to writing something each day.

A few tidbits of background to get started.
  • I'm getting married in a month. (eeek!)
  • My fiancee totally rocks.
  • I think the US elections were hacked.
  • I have the most perfect daughter in the world, but I may be biased.
  • He-who-was-my-boss was recently let go.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

First Post!!

Woohoo! My first Blogger post! Wheee!!