Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Password generator - cool tool!

Nic Wolff has come up with very slick tool for managing passwords across all the gazillion websites that each require their own. Using this Password generator tool you only have to enter your own master password. This script does an MD5 hash of the site url and your master password to give you a secure, unique, junk-looking password for each site. John Udell over at InfoWorld did a little 2.75 minute webcast on his blog about what it is and how to use it that's a far better explanation of how useful this tool really is.

For you Firefox junkies there's a greasemonkey script here (although I got an error every time I tried to install it).
And, finally, there's a bookmarklet for the same thing here.

All this originally found at LifeHacker.

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