Friday, January 13, 2006


I hate blog posts about blog posting, as it seems just like so much self-important navel-gazing to me, but here I am doing that exact thing. I've been paralyzed for a while on posting, because I have no clear idea of what I want this blog to be. Is is a personal diary for sharing with friends and family? Is it my soapbox to shout about what's right and wrong with the world? Is it a creative writing outlet? Do I want it discovered and read by the world? Do I care if someone finds it in 10 years when I'm running for public office? The truth is, I don't know. That is, I have no good clear answers for those questions. So, I'm throwing those blog meta-questions out there and getting back to writing. It's gonna be what it is. Read it if you want. Comment if you want (please!). I don't have a reason other than I want to do it. Enjoy.


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