Saturday, December 31, 2005

Procrastination wrap-up

Do you ever get that paralysis that comes from not blogging regularly enough? I do. I have. That's why there's been so much in the past month that hasn't shown up here. I know I won't do some topics justice, but here they are anyway.

By far the saddest news for December was about my dear Luna-dog. After hashing (first time in a couple of months) with her on the 11th, I came home from work on Thursday, the 16th, to find her lying in my bedroom, clearly out of sorts: tired, sluggish, not wanting to stand, and not able to stand for very long when I helped her up. I got Kris to stop by and take a quick look, and off to the Emergency vet I went for what I expected to be just an antibiotic shot for pneumonia. A blood test an x-ray later, I found out it was a couple of bleeding abdominal masses, combined with a septic infection. I rallied Kris and Susie and off to a better emergency vet in Cary, where the diagnosis was confirmed and refined. Luna wouldn't make it through the night if we did nothing, and her chances were slim-to-grave if we did pursue heroic interventions. Having her put to sleep was the most difficult thing I've done in a long while. Luna was coherent and *there*, surrounded by three of the folks who loved her most in the world, as the doc pushed the meds that dropped her off to sleep, stopped her breathing and then he heart. I know she felt cruddy, and I know it was the best (if not only) choice to have made, but that didn't make it easier. We all cried and said our goodbyes. It was by far the crappiest night of the year. I miss my Luna.

More wrap-up soon. Happy new year everyone!!

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