Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sony makes good?

Whoa. Sony is now not only offering to exchange XCP/rootkit enabled CDs for non-XCP-enabled ones (not necessarily DRM-free, just XCP-free, but I digress...) but they'll give you MP3's off all the songs on the CD when you do the exchange. I really am kinda shocked.

Exchange details are here.

You can exchange your SONY BMG compact discs (CDs) containing XCP content protection software for replacement versions of the same CD(s) without the XCP software. Please confirm that your CD(s) is among the titles and versions listed below and then select from the list the titles of the CD(s) you wish to exchange. Then click “continue.”

In the page that follows, you will be asked to provide the shipping information in the United States to which you would like to have the replacement CD sent. In addition, you will have the option of selecting whether you would like to receive MP3 files of the title(s) in addition to your replacement CD(s).


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