Friday, October 14, 2005

Sold my soul to the devil...

Yes, it's true. I've gone to the dark side, and all just for a sweet techno-tchotchke. Well, a sweet tecno-tchotchke and the apparently the best cell network in the area.

I just got a Motorola e815 (through Amazon - gotta love those rebates!) and a two-year sentence contract with Verizon. I have very mixed feelings about this, as I've heard more horror stories about Verizon than any other service provider out there. I think that they're not particularly more or less evil than the average wireless provider out there, but that they just have more customers to complain. I do think they have a greedy, non-customer-centric business model, but all I really need them for is a good phone and good network coverage. Everything else is just a seem edit away from being as Motorola intended it.

So yesterday started our 2-week worry-free trial, after which it's good-bye Alltel, hello Verizon. I'll miss Alltel, as they've always been great to deal with. I just can't take marginal- to no coverage at home and in my office. If I can't use my phone where I spend most of my time, why pay for it?


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