Sunday, October 09, 2005

Drama on row R, section 16

Susie and me (I? myself? whatever...) went to go see the Rolling Stones last night. Fabulous show - everything you'd expect from the Stones. They rock, even at age 62 (Mick), and I'm very glad that Susie talked me into going. We talked about what a Stones show would look like at some place much smaller, like Cat's Cradle, and while I thought it'd be a killer show, she thought it'd suck for Mick to be trapped on such a small stage. $65/ea for seats just about as far from the stage as you could possibly be still seems outrageous for a concert, but I guess that just shows my age.
I know it sounds weird, but I had almost as much fun watching this little human drama unfold on the row in front of us. All folks involved looked like Duke students, which wasn't too surprising. The girl in the cute plaid skirt (cps, henceforth) and the guy in the orange shirt (os) were sitting in front of us and to the right a bit. She was cute, he looked like you average casually dressed college kid. After the Stones started their set, I noticed her crouched down, sneaking a drag (or 3) from a joint from the guy in front of her. After that, she starts bouncing around and dancing with everyone near her. (Perfect attitude to have for a concert, btw.) Everyone, that is except her date, Mr. Orange Shirt. He seemed to be enjoying the show, but slightly annoyed at his dancing date. Ms. cps ends up dancing with Mr. Green Shirt 1 (gs1). He looked like a Duke frat person, and he was in the company of gs2, gs3, and (possibly) gs4. So cps danced with gs1 a lot, with lots of other fun, flirtatious stuff along the way. The more they danced, the more annoyed os got. Os tried to talk to her at one point and tell her he wasn't happy with her behavior, and from what I can tell, she told him to relax / f-off, after which she resumed dancing w/ gs1. As the concert drew to a close, cps noticed os was upset about something and tried to find out what, only to get the brush-off. Cps then stopped dancing with gs1 and tried to console os (talking to him, trying to nibble on his ear, kiss him) but he'd have none of it. When we left, they were still sitting there, settling into a nice breakup argument. To her credit, she was talking to him, rather than going home with gs1 and friends. I think cps was a bit of a skank for abandoning her date for someone else, while he was still there. I think os was a bit of an uncommunicative stick-in-the-mud for not dancing with her himself, and not having their relationship ground rules worked out better up front. Susie said "I'm glad I'm not that age anymore." Yeah, it's amazing what 15 years and a couple of landmark course will do for you.


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