Monday, April 25, 2005

Good weekend

Hey world, good weekend here on the home front. :-)

  • Did the Angels Among Us 5k and Family Walk w/ Sus & B & O Lotsa fun, and for a good cause, but a bit much runwalking for the kiddo's, esp O. Yay Justin's Buddies!
  • Blew off the Hash to work around the house. So much Spring yard work to get done.
  • Ripped out the last ugly 70's-antique-gold bathroom fixture - the sink - and started replacing it with a gleaming new non-gold one with a new faucet set to match what I put in the shower last Summer.
  • Bought plants for the garden and yard. Finally time to replace the grapes the city dug up a couple of years ago when they were doing the sewers.
Good, if slightly chilly weekend. But who am I to complain... at least it didn't snow here. :-)


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