Monday, January 22, 2007

I am a Marathoner

After discovering sometime in August, 2006 that the 2007 Disney Marathon was ON my 40th birthday, I had to register. I mean, how could I not?

I started training, building slowly, as I wasn't doing any running beyond hashing. Over the fall, I ran a couple times during the week, and did long runs pretty regularly on weekends. Hashing fell by the wayside as I got way too paranoid about hurting myself in some foolish, ankle-twisting way. I ended up doing a modified version of the Jeff Galloway program I found online. Another Galloway idea that I embraced was the run/walk intervals. It made the distances a lot more possible than they would have been for me, doing them at a 2-minute run / 1-minute walk pace. My longest training run before the marathon was 18 miles, and it was about a month before the big race.

We flew to Disney World for the big weekend, and due to a foolish bit of procrastination on my part, ended up having to stay off Disney property. (Dearest Susie and her HotWire prowess to the rescue!) We did a couple of light park days, because we were at Disney World! I mean, how could I not have. :-) We covered the new rides since last time: Mission Space, Soarin', the Everest coaster, and a bunch of the old favorites. I miss going as frequently as I used to.

My buddy Jan and her husband Shane and their son came over from Largo to help watch Bon and cheer us on. They saved our bacon, and without them we wouldn't have been able to bring Bon along.

Okay, more on the actual race, including pictures, in the next post.


Marianne said...


I guess those sailor's legs really are stout!

Bonnie said...

Its so cool that you ran 26 miles wow you should put some pictures up!